GZ200 Series-200L Filling Machine

GZ200-A 200L Semi-Auto Filling Machine

Brief Description

GZ200-A semi-auto machine is able to realize the automation of manual drum upload, manual cap loosening, manual positioning, auto quantitative filling and manual heavy drum out. This type of machine features short roller conveyors, usually equipped with free-roller conveyor for drum infeed and driven roller conveyor for drum outfeed. Filling room, ex-proof motor, air extraction equipment and manual pneumatic capper are optional.

Equipment features:

  • Less investment, less capital requirement 

  • Less roller conveyor, less area, more flexible 

  • Nozzle changeable filling machine, one machine can fill multiple materials with multiple nozzles 

  • Equipped with forklift stand, easy to move 

  • Suitable for small annual output and various materials 

  • Usually single station, speed up to 35-40/h

Product Parameters



Chemical, petrochemical, building materials, grain, medicine, electronics, food and other fields.

Applicable Container Type:


Industrial design, reasonable structure and sufficient material

The whole machine adopts industrial design, the front end adopts annular feeding pipe. The combined valve is used to control the flow rate to maintain the average pressure of each filling nozzle. The whole series of filling machines are independently developed, and the frame structure and key components have been accumulated through more than 20 years of practical experience, which can be applied to various scenarios.

Weighing quantitative filling, high configuration, and good performance

The machine applies weighing type quantitative fast and fine two-step filling to achieve high precision. DAESUM adopts international first-class brand electrical devices to ensure accurate weighing and stable operation, and centralized procurement to pick the best of the best. The machine is equipped with Modbus interface, which facilitates data export and assist production management.

Filling nozzle well sealed and durable

The filling nozzle adopts metal sealing bottom valve and compression shaft sealing technology. The material touching parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or PTFE, which have good durability and can be used for 15-20 years without maintenance. Each filling nozzle needs to undergo pressure switch test more than 3600 times, and the moving parts need to complete a 24-hour aging test to ensure reliability and stability.

Modularization and standardization

PLC program modularization, in addition to standard filling, alarm and inspection modules, the machine is also equipped with cleaning, emptying and other modules for users to choose. The machine structure is standardized, and different functional structures can be combined according to different customer needs. Plus a small part of personalized customization, it is possible to shorten the machine production cycle, and achieve fast supply.

Safety interlock and preventive mechanism

The machine is equipped with multiple safety interlocks and pressure relief mechanisms. Once the nozzle touching container top, tare weight abnormal, or capping untight and etc., the machine will stop running immediately and an alarm will be issued. Furthermore, the machine is able to realize the functions of anti-collision, anti-overflow, anti-misoperation, anti-static, anti-power outage and gas outage.

Simple operation and easy maintenance

The PLC screen of the equipment is concise and clear, the instructions are precise, and the touch screen operation is simple and easy to use. All parts are linked by clamps, which are easy to disassemble and replace. The filling room adopts a floor-to-ceiling door combined with stainless steel and tempered glass. A low-height structure, and large doors on both sides at the front and rear make maintenance personnel can directly enter the machine for maintenance and adjustment.